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Agenda 360 Friday
Agenda 360
NAB handed over questionnaire to CM Buzdar
Sawal Friday
Parliamentary form of government or one-man system
Awaz Thursday
What impact Arab countries relation with Israel will put?
Awaz Wednesday
Discussion on the severe problems of the Karachi
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai Tuesday
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai
A real crime story with dummy characters
News Beat 9-Aug
News Beat
Heavy monsoon rain destroyed everything in Sindh & Baluchistan
Sawal 9-Aug
Talking with the people of Pakistan about the performance of the PTI government.
News Beat 8-Aug
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with the former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Sawal 8-Aug
Talking with the layman about the performance of the PTI government
News Beat 7-Aug
News Beat
NAB actions and opposition plan against the government
Sawal 7-Aug
Opposition vs opposition and future of the PTI government
Awaz 6-Aug
Exclusive discussion with Mayor Karachi
Awaz 5-Aug
Modi alone is responsible for whatever happens in IOK
Awaz 4-Aug
Soon we will reach Srinagar. Shah Mahmood
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai 4-Aug
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai
A real crime story with footage of real crime scenes
Awaz 3-Aug
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
Awam Ki Awaz 2-Aug
Awam Ki Awaz
Eid Special Show with FC
Sawal 31-Jul
Exclusive discussion with former cricketer Shahid Afridi
Awaz 30-Jul
There is no reason left to keep Pakistan in the Grey List of FATF
Awaz 29-Jul
NAB accused are making changes in the NAB laws
Awaz 28-Jul
Get rid of the government is a need of the time. Shahbaz Sharif
Awaz 27-Jul
Old drainage system of Karachi caused big problem after heavy rain every time.
News Beat 26-Jul
News Beat
The opposition and the government are on same to eliminate NAB
Sawal 26-Jul
Shahbaz Sharif participation in the APC conditioned with his health
News Beat 25-Jul
News Beat
Too many crises in the first two years of the PTI government
Sawal 25-Jul
Discussion on the 2 years performance of the PTI government
Agenda 360 25-Jul
Agenda 360
Two years to the PTI government, where are we standing now?
Sawal 24-Jul
Sindh & the federal government have differences over NFC award
Agenda 360 24-Jul
Agenda 360
Verdict of Saad Rafique case really hit the credibility of NAB
Awaz 23-Jul
Possible NRO to an Indian spy Kulbhoshan and other issues
Awaz 22-Jul
Talking with the mother who was brutally tortured by her son and his wife.
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai 21-Jul
Aisa Bhi Hota Hai
A real crime story with dummy characters
Awaz 21-Jul
NAB has lost credibility. It is being used for political engineering.
Awaz 20-Jul
5 Assistants of PM Khan have Dual Nationality
News Beat 19-Jul
News Beat
One rain and the whole of Karachi will be converted in the swimming pool
Sawal 19-Jul
Special Assistants Dual Citizenship Residence and Billions of Assets
Awam Ki Awaz 19-Jul
Awam Ki Awaz
Why shop and official price list Different?
Sawal 18-Jul
Old statements of PM is biggest opposition of PM Khan!
Hum Log 18-Jul
Hum Log
Lock down mein narmi se aai karobar mein garmi
Agenda 360 18-Jul
Agenda 360
NAB favor on Peoples Party is the result of a secret deal?
Naya Din 18-Jul
Naya Din
What effect do parental habits have on children?
PM Imran Khan speech 17-Jul
PM Imran Khan speech
PM Imran Khan speech at monsoon plantation drive in Kahuta
News Beat 17-Jul
News Beat
Talking about issues of K electric, what is the Compulsion of federal Govt?
Sawal 17-Jul
After the shortage of sugar and petrol, flour ready for shortage!
Awaz 16-Jul
Load Shedding is out of control in Karachi due to bad governance & management
Awaz 15-Jul
Possibility of change in Punjab top leadership
Awaz 14-Jul
The conflict between India and Nepal over Lapo Lekh land
Awaz 13-Jul
Serious corruption allegations on the PTI ministers in KPK


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