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Monday 17-Jun-2019

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Geo news live is a current affair Pakistani channel and geo tv live is an entertainment channel; these are owned and operated by Jang media group. Geo news started its test transmission on August 14, 2002 and then regular transmission in October 2002. Its headquarter was first situated in Dubai but after having some issues with Former government of President Musharraf it had shifted its headquarter from Dubai to Karachi, Pakistan.

Geo news is a part of Geo TV network of Jang media group which is the largest media group of Pakistan in newspaper and publishing. Jang media group has thousands of workers working with it from all over the Pakistan as well as in the other part of the region. Its strong network of reporting makes the channel more vibrant among the others. So that, from its beginning channel was able to create huge amount of viewership in Pakistan and it was kept increasing with the passage of time.
As it has mentioned above that geo tv network is one of Pakistan's leading electronic media network. At the moment Geo network has many channels on aired. Geo news and Geo Tezz are news and current affair's channel while Geo entertainment and Geo kahani are entertainment channels. Geo network also claim to have Pakistan 1st every sports channel Geo Super. Aag is a music channel of Geo network.
During Musharraf regime lot of media houses were allowed to start working in Pakistan. Lot of other channels were also open that time like Samaa News and Express News.

Popular Anchor persons and Journalists

Geo news has number of high profile journalists and anchor persons working with it. Some of them are very popular among the viewers because of their shows.  Here are the detail of popular anchor persons and journalists of Geo news.

Hamid Mir (Capital Talk)

Hamid Mir is one of highly credible journalist in Pakistani journalism. He was born in Lahore in 1966. He started his journalism in 1987 with daily jang when he was appointed as a sub editor of the national newspaper. He joined Geo TV live in 2002 as a Northern region editor. In November 2002 he started presenting his popular political talk show Capital Talk. In this many senior leaders of the sitting government and the opposition parties have appeared.  Most of the time Hamid Mir has presented his show in Geo news live transmission.

Saleem Safi (Jirga)

Saleem Safi is known as a region specific journalist. He was born in Mardan, KPK. He started his journalism from Mardan with NNI (News Network International) as a reporter. Soon after with his hard work he became the Beauru Chief of NNI in Peshawar. With his exceptional skills and keen eye on news and depth understanding of the issues in the region of Pakistan and Afghanistan made him a valuable reservoir of knowledge. He joined Geo TV in late 2008 as an anchor person and region specific analyst. He presents his famous show Jirga on Geo news which is very popular among the people of the region.

Hassan Nisar (Mere Mutabiq)

Hassan Nisar usually known as a columnist. He has presented his famous talk show Choraha on Geo TV live transmission. Currently he is presenting another talk show called Mere Mutabiq on Geo news. He is very committed and fearless journalist. Many people like him for his open criticism on Political elite.

Popular Talk Shows

With highly ranked journalists and anchor persons Geo news Urdu has presented many thoughtful popular programs on current affairs and different social issues in serious sense as well in lighter mood.

Talk shows with real sense

Geo news is presenting many talk shows to discuss the current political, social and economic issues with the experts in real sense. Most of them are presented in live geo TV transmission.

  1. Capital Talk with Hamid Mir
  2. Jirga with Saleem Safi
  3. Mere Mutabiq with Hasan Nisar, Iftekhar Ahmad and Sohail warraich
  4. Aapis ki Baat with Najam Setthi and Muneeb Farooq

Capital Talk with Hamid Mir

Capital talk is the oldest current affair talk show presented on any media in Pakistan. It is hosted by Famous anchor person and analyst Hamid Mir. By taking the show to the tribal area mountain and battlefields Hamid Mir set new trends in the media industry.

Jirga with Saleem Safi

Jirga is another very popular talk show presented on Geo news. It is hosted by Saleem Safi. In this talk show the host usually presents the discussion between the experts and the stack holders of the region of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Mere Mutabiq with Hasan Nisar, Iftekhar Ahmad and Sohail Warraich

It is a shorter version of talk shows on current affair issues. In this talk show Hasan Nisar, Iftekhar Ahmad and Sohail Warraich give their experts opinion on the questions asked by the host.

Aapis ki Baat with Najam Sethi and Muneeb Farooq

Aapis ki Baat is very popular talk show because of its inside story of every top story. In this program Najam Sethi brings inside facts of the top news with the help of his chirrya (source). Muneeb Farooq hosts this talk show.

Social Issues in lighter mood

Geo news also presents some talk shows in which social and political issues are discussed in light mood.

  1. Khabarnaak with Aftab Iqbal
  2. Hum Sab Umeed se Hain written by Dr. Younas Butt

Khabarnaak with Aftab Iqbal

Khabarnaak is a comedy show which is presented in Urdu and Punjabi. Aftab Iqbal is the host of the show along with Mir Mohammad Ali who disguises himself into different public celebrity in every show. Honey and Saleem Albela are the other participant who bring smiles with their hilarious comments and analysis on the faces of the audient and viewers . Special episodes of Khabarnaak are also presented on geo TV live transmission when events like Eid comes.

Hum Sab Umeed se Hain

Hum Sab Umeed se Hain is a funny political show featuring with funny segments on Pakistan politics. This show is presented in three different versions in every week on Geo TV network. Each version is hosted by different female host.  In this show loose talk of Pakistani political elite is presented with comedy style. And at the end of show a parody song is presented which is based on general issues of the public or on current political scenario. Dr. Younas Butt is the writer of the show who is very familiar for his hilarious writing and production.

Other Programs

Some other programs presented on Geo TV are as under

Aik Din Geo Ke Sath

Sohail Warraich presents Aik Din Geo ke Sath on Geo News. In this program host visits the public celebrity and passes whole day with him to show his daily routine and discuss daily matter with him. This show is presented once in a week on geo news.


Increasing ratio of crime in Pakistan and its impact on the behavior of the general public , slow legal proceedings and the performance of the law enforcement agencies is discussed in Geo FIR.

Geo Dost

In Geo Dost people share their personal experiences and interesting incidents witnessed by them. These are in video or image format. Geo dost offers a youth of Pakistan to become free style journalist by sending them videos and pictures recorded by them on general issues.
Geo has also launched a comprehensive website for its internet viewers where they can read and watch geo Urdu news along with latest update.  Geo live TV transmission also available there. To get the geo news live streaming one’s can log on to
Before April 19, 2014 Geo news Urdu was the leading news channel in Pakistan and holding the top position to have the largest number of viewership in Pakistan. It had become the strongest news channel that was claiming to have the power to topple any government.  And then April 19 comes when one of its senior anchor person and host of the famous Capitan Talk Hamid Mir was attacked by un-known gun men when he was just arrived in Karachi and on the road to his office.
In this attack Hamid Mir was seriously injured and immediately sent to hospital. After this incident Geo news started a truth less campaign in live Geo news transmission against the premier spy agency of Pakistan and it’s DG. By flashing his picture on TV screen Geo news claimed that the attack on Hamid Mir was done by ISI chief because Hamid Mir himself said many time to his close friends in private meeting that he is being threatened by the ISI and the Army for controversial reporting on Baluchistan issue.

Geo news got has got a big damage in its popularity during some sonsecutive incidents during 2014. Meanwhile there are news that another new channel is going to launch soon with the name of bol tv. bol tv channel is seen to be alternating the geo news.

Geo News telecasted this news continuously for eight hour without taking counter views of the Army. This raised the angriness in the Army and in reply to it first Army strongly condemned the attack on Hamid Mir and then rejected the baseless allegations imposed on DG ISI by the Geo TV network in Geo news live transmission. Army filed an application to the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) through defense ministry complaining against the Geo News.
PEMRA authority constituted a committee to investigate the truth less allegation imposed by the Geo news in live Geo news transmission on the Army. By giving some solid proof to the PEMRA committee defense ministry disclosed that the Geo news has past history to demoralize the Army and to destabilize the Pakistan through its various projects like aman ki asha, chal para and zara sochiay. PEMRA committee acknowledged it and after hearing the views from all sides decided to cancel the license of Geo news for 15 days along with fine of Ten million rupees.
At now ban has lifted and the channel is on air again. But due to its previous act, channel has lost a major chunk of its viewership and struggling to find a place in top news channels of Pakistan. Geo news authority is still complaining that the channel is still off air in the most part of the country.  It is also facing serious financial crises due to not having commercial ads.

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