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Saturday 24-Aug-2019

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ARY news live has got an incredible popularity during 2014, a lot of people like to watch ARY tv live everyday. A news channel is purposed to keep us familiar with the hot and latest updates of the day. I must say there are a lot of news channels operating in Pakistan which have gotten fame and popularity in the eyes of the people to much extent. Among those so many news channels, ARY news is an interesting and wonderful channel. In this article, we will discuss this channel’s fame and how much well synchronized it is in terms of its role in keeping the people aware with the current gossips, political issues, current affairs and other country problems.

Overview of Ary news live:

The channel came into being on 26th September, 2004 with an aim to keep the people aware with current political, country and international affairs. Before we go in the deep discussion and in depth of ARY news’ programs and anchors let us take a look at its history.
Ary news is basically a channel founded by a famous Dubai company, ARY group. This group is operating in Dubai as a successful enterprise and has its roots deepened in the global markets. This group not only owns its private channels but also musical channels and jewelry shops around the UAE. Thus, we can credit this group to lay down the foundation of Ary news live streaming channel a few years ago.

Synchronization of Live ary news shows:

The news shows, headlines and talk shows presented at ary are always well synchronized. It seems that the team behind the screen works really very hard to make this channel a reliable source for the Pakistani people for getting information and news from. Mr. Abdul Razak Yaqoob’s name can be credited for making this channel every eye favorite. Ary is not only broadcasting its services in Pakistan but also in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, America, Canada and Europe. Thus, we can say it with proud that ary news live tv is a complete channel and a much better source to get useful and current information from.

ARY digital network:

Express network, hum network and various other digital networks are successfully operating nowadays. In an environment of so much competition, the survival of a channel is only possible when its programs and information is authentic and acceptable for the viewers. Thanks to the whole team of ary network whose endless efforts, dedication and performance have made it possible for us to have such amazing and wonderful channels.
It is not that ary news is all alone in the hustle and bustle of so many private channels, but it is a complete network of sister channels. Let us check out which are the sister channels of ary live news in the group of ary digital network.

  • ARY Digital: Ary digital is a home channel, means it is a channel to entertain families and children. The dramas, programs, talk shows and morning shows of ary digital are always amazing and top notch. We can well compete the quality of its shows with any other entertainment channel like express entertainment, hum tv, urdu one and so on. But it is true for us to say that ary digital has won the race. Why? Well the answer is quite simple because this channel’s dramas and programs are not only entertaining but also full of information, moral values. Such wonderful dramas and shows truly play their positive role in making our lives easier and we get to know the real cultural, traditional and religious values of our beloved country Pakistan.
  • ARY Musik: They say a music channel cannot be that amazing and promising as an entertainment channel can be. But I am totally against this statement because it is not so. We can ourselves see how wonderful, amazing and top class ary musik is. This music channel is wonderful in various respects. Let me brief a few of them, first of all ary musik is a totally different and distinctive channel than any other entertainment channel. We cannot see any other channel to be that musical and well performing as ary musik is. The second reason is this channel has played its vital role in making our lives and souls feel relaxed, which means whenever you feel alone and have mode to enjoy music, simply tune on this channel and get so much to have fun with.
  • ARY Zauq: Ary zauq is as interesting as its name is. Ary zauq has truly given a tough competition to hum network’s masala tv because here you can find a lot of shows of home decoration, grocery management and of course cooking. I can say this with confidence that ary zauq is a channel for women and girls. So if you want to learn some new recipes and want to have the idea how to cook delicious meal at home within your budget, then don’t forget to turn on your television and view and observe what is taught in ary zauq shows.
  • ARY Qtv: Being the citizen of a Muslim country our love and intension for our religion is a natural habit. There are various channels which broadcast different religious shows and spread the message of God all around the world. Ary qtv is one of those amazing and wonderful channels. This religious channel is truly the best and among the finest religious channels in Pakistan. The shows and programs broadcasted by ary qtv are always best and top notch. There is a different message and information we can get from every show. Thus, this channel is playing its positive role in spreading the message of Islam around the globe.
  • ARY Zindgi: Ary zindgi is a distinctive and amazing channel and is truly one of the best in the race of so many entertainment channels of Pakistan. Just like all the channel of ary network, ary zindgi is also being broadcasted in different nations. Thus we can say this for sure that this channel has made its way towards success and is truly a wonderful one.
  • Ary news tv live: Enlisting the name of ary news tv at the bottom of the list doesn’t mean this channel of ary group is far behind the race. But it is just listed as such and let me tell you that every channel of ary network has its distinctive and prominent place in the hearts of Pakistani and international viewers. We, at any cost, cannot name one channel to be better than the other because all work and operate as per their distinctive and separate themes and focus of every channel is different from the rest of the group.

Best anchors of Ary news urdu:

Anchoring is not at all an easy job. When it comes to name best anchors of Pakistan, then the list seems to be incomplete until or unless we enlist the names of ary anchors as well. I must say this job, if on one hand, is well paid, then on the other hand it requires a lot of information, wide scope and much stamina to deal with the problems. I am sure you must have watched various anchors of ary news online that remain busy in performing their duties no matter how much critical and difficult the situation is. This is why, they are paid well for their work and also get lots of appreciations from the viewers.
Since the day ary digital started its broadcasting, there came and went a lot of admirable anchors. Some of them were really impressive while the others could not do that much perfect job to compete the rest in this field. Here is given the list of best and top class ary news anchors. I am sure you will love the list and agree with me because of the perfect jobs done by these talented, courageous and hard working persons.

Aamir Ghauri

Aamir Ghauri is one of the most talented, well experienced and well versed anchors. He is a famous television anchor, host, journalist and model as well. Aamir’s services for ary news are simply awesome and we can say this for sure that his performance has been polished and gotten well as compared to the previous few years. Aamir’s level of professionalism is well reflected in his shows.

Ali Raza

Ali Raza is another famous and well talented anchor of ary news. Ali is not only an anchor but also a writer and model as well. He owns the citizenship of Pakistan and is known well for his extreme level of talent.


Iqrar is a well reputed and famous anchor who is in the television industry since a long. His duty is always done well. Why not, Iqrar inputs his maximum efforts in making his talk shows and reality show amazing. Iqrar is currently doing some of the major shows of ary and different other television channels and we can definitely name him a good anchor of the era.

Sadaf Abdul Jabbar

If on one hand the male anchors are dominating the television industry, then on the other hand the female anchors are not behind the race. Sadaf is a proven talented name and a famous female anchor of ary. Sadaf is a courageous woman who never feels it irritated to do different sorts of challenging taks. This is might be the reason she has gotten too much fame in her anchoring career and is still on her way towards more and more progress.

Fizza Saleem

Fizza is yet another anchor and news reporter of ary news. She works really hard to keep up the level of her graph and success in the career. Fizza is the main host of not only ary channel’s show but also she is offering her duties to Pakistan television as well. In other words we can say that Fizza is the fresh blood of Pakistan who aims to do something nice and extra ordinary for her country.

Mazhar Abbas

Mazhar Abbas is another famous television host and popuar ary anchor of the era. He is known for his amazing and distinctive style. He has had been affiliated with different ary shows and anchors very well in every show. This is might be the reason Mazhar got too much popularity.

Mubashir Luqman

Mubashir Luqman name needs no introduction. He is a highly talented and well experienced anchor, analyst, critical person and news person of ary. I must say Mubashar is an anchor of high peak and his graph of popularity is truly very high. He does perfect job in his shows. Whichever show of Mubashar you watch, you can always be confident that his performance is going to be top quality. He is not only an anchor but also his expanded and wide knowledge makes his name recognized. In the field of politics, Mubashar’s experience is very high and this is why he earns good amount from his anchoring job.

Kashif Abbasi

Kashif Abbasi is another famous and top notch anchor of ary news. He is a talented journalist, political analyst and host of the era.

Dr. Danish

Naming Dr. Danish at the end of the list does not mean he is behind the race than any other famous anchor. It is just written as such, but the truth is that Dr. Danish. He is another popular and famous anchor of ary news. Danish is not only an anchor but also a news host and journalist who performs his duties with great efforts and dedication. Dr. Danish is always amazing and distinctive in his shows and his voice is always impressive. This is the reason his anchoring talent and well versed performance is the sign of his success. He does great job and inputs all the efforts to make the shows top class.

ARY News had another well known anchor Waseem Badami who resigned from ary group in september 2014 and joined up coming bol tv network. But later he came back to ary news live again.

Here it has to be noticed that these anchors can also be approached on social media websites. For example, you can search their face book pages, twitter links and google plus links to join the wide community which is already following and liking them. For more details about their face book pages and twitter link, do read our next heading and also search the internet to have much more to know about your favorite television anchors of geo news.

Social media pages and life streaming of ary news:

It is quite interesting for us to see our favorite television channels to be live and active on social media networks. The most common social media networks are twitter and face book. When it comes to name the social media pages of ary news, then let me tell you that this amazing and exciting news channel do exists online with its full pride and fame. If you want to check on the face book page of ary news then here is the site. As you can see that this page is liked and followed by numerous fans of national and international level, it will be quite tough for you to stay away from liking this page. The social media managers try their level best to update this face book page on daily and weekly basis. This is why the arrival of likes, comments, suggestions and conversation is a matter of daily routine work.
On the other hand the twitter links of ary news are and Please notice that the first link is of the channel’s twitter posting where you can follow and tweet your ideas, share your thoughts and get updated with the hot and current news every day. While the link of the famous anchor of ary Iqrar is given here, at this link you can find a lot of information and latest tweets of Iqrar-ul-Hassan. So feel free to follow the tweets, share your ideas and know about the current happenings in Pakistan and around the globe. Also at their facebook page you can see the amazing and interesting pictures of the anchors who have had played their vital role in the fame of the channel and its increased success graph. The expectations of the viewers are always very high with express news and this is why the managerial and human resource persons hire only top notch and highly educated persons for this anchoring position.

International availability of ary news:

It is true that dunya news live is not only restricted to Pakistan but also its programs and news updates can be seen in the countries like USA, UAE, UK and especially in Dubai. Don’t you dare think that you will be hired only with reference, the channel in fact has no room for such people who are more referring and lesser talented because for them their repute matters a lot. On the other hand, if you feel you have the spark, talent, skills and creativity to get hired on purely the basis of your experience and education then feel free to come in front and submit your application. I must say that the efforts of the channel to make its name globally recognized and well known are truly remarkable. This can be seen and observed from the fact that its anchors are even operating in other countries and try to bring some hot news in the Pakistan from all parts of the world. In United Kingdom, the transmissions of express news are present on Sky Channel while in USA, it can be seen via Dish Network. On the other hand, in UAE especially in Dubai some other famous networking ideas are present to broadcast the programs, talk shows, news headlines and reality shows of ary. This is might be the reason that the channel is so much famous and has become one of the best international news channels in the world.

Contacting ary news personals:

For those who have some issues and concerns and want to discuss with the anchors or behind the screen persons of ary, here is given the details of their contact. You can approach any of these persons any time you like during the working days and working hours of the week.

ARY Communications
6th Floor, Madina City Mall
Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar
Karachi, Sindh
Office # 139 ,1st Floor,
Building No 9 ,
Dubai Media City,Phase -3
Ph: +971-4-3664888
UK/Europe :
65 North Acton Road,
Park Royal, London
NW10 6pj,United Kingdom
Ph: +44 208 838 6300
Fax: +44 208 838 6122
U.S.A :
76 N Broadway, Suite 3012
Hicksville, NY 11801
Phone: +1-516-937-1279
Fax: +1-516-937-1280

As you can observe how widely expanded and well versed ary news channel is. This is why, you can see its international contact details and numbers given here, which means if you reside in UK, USA, Pakistan or Dubai you can approach these persons via their email ids and contact details. Make sure you are clear with what you want to talk about or what you have to discuss. Feel free to take them as your companions as ary news persons are always determined to help the people in resolving their issues I the best possible way. So have the full freedom to approach these persons to get your voice listened, if you don’t have that intension then still you can get in touch with them to have a detailed overview of the channel and know more about its exciting shows.

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